Olivia Chacón is a flamenco dancer originally from San Antonio, Texas, who currently resides in Madrid, Spain. After studying flamenco for numerous years in Boston, Sevilla, and Austin, Olivia began her professional career headlining the Austin flamenco group Tierra Adentro, with which she performed frequently in Central Texas, and also collaborated with local flamenco and world music artists.

In 2005 she formed her own dance company in response to a special choreographic commission from the City of Austin First Night organization. The resulting work, “De Noche”, premiered to a packed house and standing ovations at the State Theater, and the show was produced in 2006 in San Antonio as part of “Historias Flamencas” at the Carver Theater with special guest Antonio Granjero.

Olivia is also a dedicated instructor. From 2004-2006 she taught classes for all levels of flamenco dance students, and also directed the student performing group Jaleo Flamenco. She continues giving workshops when visiting in the United States.

Since 2006, Olivia has lived in Madrid, Spain, where she continues her studies in flamenco, ballet, and classical Spanish dance at the famous Amor de Dios Center for Flamenco Arts. She is currently a member of the Cristóbal Reyes Dance Company, with which she performs internationally.



Photo by Amitava Sarkar